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Friday 17.1

Alrighty everyone, it’s here, 17.1.

Before we get to that, remember, tomorrow night we go as follows:

We’ll run anyone who needs to go at 4:30 right away, however, we’ll brief the entire class/gym as a whole around 5:15 so if you’re able to, try and be there for that. Also, if you guys want to bring food and drinks tomorrow night, feel free!

Well, the workout is as follows:

For Time (20:00 cutoff):

-10 Alternating DB Snatches*, RX (50/35) Scaled (35/20)

-15 Burpee Box Jump Overs, RX (24/20) Scaled (20/20, step ups are ok)

*DB Snatches increase 10 reps per round

Did anyone decipher this message?!

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