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Friday 15.2!

You guys watched the reveal. We’re pretty sure NO ONE is excited…no worries, we’re here to ease that mind of yours and going to get you through this no problem.

Let’s start by saying this could be a very short, 3:00 workout for some. But, instead of just stopping at 3:00, we are going to make it an actual workout for you all. You’ll still get a score for those who are signed up, but we’ll make it worth you while and get a full workout in.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Mobility -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Overhead Squats -Pullup modifications

“15.2” In 3:00, you must complete: 2 Rounds of -10 Overhead Squats -10 Chest to bar pullups

If you complete 2 Rounds within the 3:00 time allowance, you advance to 12 reps of each movement and try to get those 2 Rounds done in the next 3:00 time frame. So on and so on until failure to complete to 2 Rounds in the 3:00 window.

There is a scaled option for both chest 2 bar and for the weight, we gotcha!

See you all tomorrow and most of you in the evening at 5:30 to partake in this bad boy. Show up early if you’d like to get some extra work in, but first heats will run at 5:30pm.


Probably the highlight of our day when Coach Betsy’s photo was reposted (acknowledged) by CrossFit HQ.

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