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Friday 15.1!


We are so excited that a lot of you are excited!! It really means a lot to us that you all are feeling prepared which means we are doing something right (hopefully)!!!

So, we’re going to be doing 15.1 tomorrow. Classes in the a.m. are on. As far as the evening, we will be open at 3:30. Anyone is welcome to come then and warm up, do some mobility, practice skills. However, anyone wanting to do the workout early, we’ll do it at around 4:30, during a normal class time.

So, at 5:30 is when we’ll start running heats. Show up at around 5 or earlier to get warm and get in a heat and find a judge. We’ll brief everyone about the workout and standards and start after that, around 5:30.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Toes 2 Bar Skill -Snatch Skill -Clean and Jerk Skill

“15.1” 9:00 AMRAP -15 Toes 2 Bar -10 Deadlifts (115/75) -5 Snatches (115/75) Immediately when time expires, you’ll get 6:00 to get: -Heavy single on Clean and Jerk

We’ll go over the standards tomorrow and tips. Get some sleep, fuel the body well, and see you tomorrow!


We were packed in!!

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