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Friday 12-20-13

Hope everyone is ready for Christmas! Still looking for a gift for that special someone?! We have T-Shirts on sale for $10! Betsy Baker Bites on sale for $6 now until Christmas! Special K Wrist Wraps for $20!

But, the best gift of all? Health! Get your Swink gift card today, in any amount! Get the ball rolling for someone who is ready to start their year off right. If you pay for more than one month, we give price breaks at the 3 month mark, 6 month mark, and 12 month mark!

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

“Muscular Endurance” 20:00 AMRAP -10 Goblet Squats P: (50/35) F: (40/25) -8 Dumbbell Swings -6 One Arm Push Press (3 per side) -4 Lunges (2 per leg) -2 One Arm Snatch (1 per side)

*You have 1 dumbbell that you are to use for the entire list of movements. Once you finish all the movements then you have completed 1 round. However, in order to complete 1 round, your dumbbell must NEVER touch the ground. You can rest as long as needed between rounds, but if your dumbbell touches the ground, it does not count and you must start over at the beginning of the movements.


Deadlifts and Purple Hoodies, best combo! Dont think so? Take it up with this dude, he’ll set ya straight!

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