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Friday 12-2-16

Happy December everyone! As we wind down the year, we have to make sure to keep momentum going forward, especially with the holidays coming up and all the traveling, sitting and eating we’ll all be doing.

Don’t forget we have our Christmas party next Saturday, Dec. 10th. Make sure you check out the description on the Facebook event and don’t come without that UGLY SWEATER!

Swink Sweat

“For Beca”

-1000m, 500m, 250m Row


P1 Rows while P2 does Abs

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility


-3×15 Band Pulldowns

-Bar Muscle Up skills

12:00 AMRAP

-3 Bar Muscle UPS

-9 Squat Snatch, RX (115/80)

This outta be fun…

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