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Friday 12-16-16

Alright everybody, the weekend is about here and we want to get in some good training before the start of Christmas week.

Don’t forget our schedule adjustments for Christmas:

-Saturday the 24th, no class

-Monday the 26th, 1 class at 9am

Also, if you’re ordering meals from Mach 1 Meals, be sure to send them your order ASAP so you can be prepared for next week, the hectic week.

Swink Sweat

24:00 Partner Workout


-2 Rounds of “Cindy”


-Max Calorie Row

Swink Fundamentals

Swinkers, we’re running, only 200m, but we’re running, so be prepared for it. You cannot come in and get upset that you didn’t know we were running because it’s posted right here.

-Ankle Mobility

10 Rounds For Time, 20:00 cutoff

-200m Run

-10 WallBalls

-10 Burpees

If paced correctly, each round should be done before the 2:00 mark and the next round started at the 2:00 mark. Keep pushing guys, it’ll teach you how to pace for a longer workout!

If you’re in town (Midlothian), be sure to try Mo’s Italian Deli. They’re food is so fresh and definitely one of, if not the best option in our small town.

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