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Friday 12-12-14

Remember, we are only having morning classes as we will be at Coach Betsy’s graduation at UTA. All classes in the a.m. will be mixed, so feel free to come to either the 5:30am, 6:30am or 9am class, if you have the option of course.

We’d also like to congratulate Karrie on her graduation from UTA on Thursday night!


Also, today is the FINAL DAY for preorders on the hoodies. You get 3 color options, black, blue or camo. Here are the blue and black options:



Also, unless you specify, the default color is black. Please, let us know by noon if you want one!

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Single Arm Dumbbell Clean & Jerk

10:00 AMRAP -1500m Row buy in Then, with remaining time, as many reps of Single Arm Dumbbell Clean & Jerk. You must alternate after completing 5 reps per arm. *your score is number of C&J reps.


Last chance to sign up for one, don’t wait!

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