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Friday 12-1-17

Happy December everyone! We hope you all are excited to take on a new month with us and all that comes along the way…including the Christmas party. Mark your calendars for December 16th as we plan to host our annual Christmas party at the gym. Food, games, gifts, all the goodies. Be there!

Swink Sweat

Partner workout

10 Rounds total:

-250m Row each

-10 Burpees each

-5 MB Squat Cleans each

Swink Fundamentals

-Quad Mobility

Today we do our Member of the Month workout for our buddy, Robert. It is also weight vest Friday, so if ya got one, wear that sucka.

“For Robert”

Complete the following:

-25 Back Squats, use roughly 60%

-50 Double Unders

-25 Pushups

-50 Back Squats, use roughly 45%

-40 Double Unders

-20 Pushups

-100 Air Squats

-30 Double Unders

-15 Pushups

*there will be a second option for this workout, just a heads up

The grand opening for this store will be Dec. 9th and their products will be 20% off!

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