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Friday 11-4-16

So, today our Fundamentals classes will be doing a workout in honor of our past month’s Member of the Month, Michael and Shelly. Its a good one, so come on in and get after it.

Also, our Sweat class is now starting our “Fun Fridays” which consist of a partner workout. This is also a day you guys in Sweat can bring a friend with you to try it out. Get to posting and see if you have someone willing to come sweat with you.

Finally, your first week’s handstand challenge has been posted. Check facebook or instagram to see it and then get to practicing.

Swink Sweat

16:00 AMRAP w/partner

P1: 250m Row, P2: Plank Climbs on MedBall/MedBall Squat Cleans


-Tabata Hanging Knee Raises

Swink Fundamentals

-Low Back Mobility


3 Sets of:

-15 GHD Situps

-Max Plank-ups/Max Hanging Knee Raises

For Time:

-800m Run

-20 Clean and Jerks, RX (95/65) RX+(135/95)

-400m Run

-15 C&J, RX (115/75) RX+(165/115)

-200m Run

-10 C&J, RX (135/95) RX+(185/135)

Ouch those lunges…

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