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Friday 11-3-17

The holidays are on their way guys. What that means is now more than ever, we have to stay as focused as possible on food and getting a good quality amount of it. Going out shopping until late? Plan ahead so you can be ready to eat right versus having to stop and get something quick. Having an event? Try and make sure to at the least give yourself a healthy option as a side of not the entire meal. This is where you can get creative and try new recipes. A whole weeks worth of doing good can easily be undone in one weekend, so be careful.

Swink Sweat

10 Rounds with a partner:

-10 Calorie Row, each partner

-10 Lunge Kicks/leg, each partner

-10 Calorie Bike, each partner

-10 Pikes, each partner

Swink Fundamentals

-choice mobility


Today we do the workout for our Member of the Month from October, Cutter. And that workout is:

The CrossFit Total

A heavy 1 rep of each of the following:

-Back Squat

-Strict Press


Here’s a throwback for ya

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