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Friday 11-29-13

We hope everyone had an amazing time during this short but sweet hokiday break! It’s great to take a break every now and then and be thankful for everything we have and everything we are able to do. We want you all to know we are thankful for each and every one of you!

A new session begins next week, on Monday, and we want to reward you all if you get some hustling done. If you get a friend to sign up, we will rewsrd you. First, if you get a friend to sign up, we will reward you with $25 off. The second friend you bring will be $50 off. Finally, get 3 or more, your entire session for the month of December is only $25. This applies to the first week only, so get chatty! Now, if anyone one of those friends you bring commits to a 3 month contract or longer, you get a free session for December! I’d say you should get to texting and calling those friends and family!

Tonight is partner workout #4 and we have a fun one planned for you. This can be coed, but works best if you use the same gender.

Partner Workout #4 -Shoulder Strength/Mobility by doing Handstand practice

15:00 AMRAP -Partner 1 uses the barbell to complete 1 of each of the following: •Deadlift •Power Clean •Front Squat •Push Press P: (135/95) F:(95/65) *Once partner 1 completes this, he/she will then place the bar on Partner 2’s back and partner 2 will do 5 Back Squats -Then, each partner must complete 10 Wall Balls (20/14) -Switch roles then repeat….

Erin patiently waiting her turn as Dani finishes her reps. Partnership right there!

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