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Friday 11-11-16

Alrighty everyone, hopefully you all have seen what you’re able to win if you renew your contract or a new member signs a commitment with us. We are doing 3, possibly 4 giveaways for everyone signing a contract this November. If you’re currently on a contract, no worries, you’ll just be able to renew yours early in order to participate in the drawing. Just ask your coach tomorrow and the whole month of November on how you can get a chance to win some sweet prizes.

Swink Sweat

4 Rounds with a partner

-400m MedBall Run

-16 MedBall Situp Passes

-16 MedBall Squat Cleans (alternate)

Swink Fundamentals

–Thoracic Mobility


EMOTM for 10:00

-1 Squat Clean, build to tough weight*

*Technique is not to be compromised


-Barbell Curls

-Strict Press

-3×10 Hanging Bar Releases, alternating

-3×15 Scap Pulldowns

These could be yours!! Just sign up to be entered.

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