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Friday 11-10-17

Alrighty people, it’s almost Veterans Day and we plan to celebrate today by doing a hero workout. It’s definitely something we appreciate, our veterans, and cannot thank them enough for their service and a tough workout is the LEAST we can do to say thank you. Come join us in this workout and and support all of our veterans in the process.

Swink Sweat

Simultaneously with a partner

5×5:00 To get as far as possible

-500m Row

-25 MB Slams

-50 Lunging MB pass

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


For Time (40:00 cutoff):

-100 Calorie Row

-75 Thrusters, (bar)

-50 Pullups

-75 WallBalls

-100 Calorie Row

**if you have a 20lb/14lb vest, wear that bad boy!

Whatcha mean you haven’t used Normatec for your recovery!? It’s the cheapest way to relax and show your body some love!

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