• Betsy

Friday 10-7-16

These Team Series workouts have been kicking us in the rear! 😥

Anywho, those of you on a team, we’d love you to snag a team picture before this is all over, in your team shirts if possible. We like memories!

Swink Sweat

5 Rounds of:

-10 Dips

-20 DB Swings

-30 Jump Ropes

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Strength

-Glute Strength

15:00 AMRAP

-1 Mile Run/2000m Row (depending on the weather)

With the remaining time, AMRAP of

-5 Pullups RX+ (C2B)

-10 Pushups

-15 Squats


-3-4×8-12 Hip Extension hold while doing a barbell row

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