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Friday 10-27-17

Halloween is almost here guys and were modifying our schedule that day. As of right now, we are going to do our morning classes as usual and then the 4:30pm class. If anything changes, we will for sure let ya know.

Swink Sweat

16:00 AMRAP with a partner:

P1 completes a full round, then P2

-10 Double Under attempts

-15 WallBalls

-20 Windshield wipers

Swink Fundamentals

-Choice Mobility


-3×8-12 Banded Reverse Lunges/side

-200m Farmers Walk

Today we start something called “Vest Friday”. This means that if you have a weight vest, your encouraged to wear it, regardless of which rep scheme you end up doing. Also, want to get one? We have suggestions of sites you can go to, just ask.

For Time:

-30 GHD Situps, RX+(40 reps)

-40 Box Jump Overs, RX(24/20) RX+(60 reps)

-50 DB Snatch, RX (50/35lbs) RX+(80 reps)

-60 Double Unders, RX+(100 reps)

Who’s ready to fear sneezing?!

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