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Friday 10-13-17

Alrighty everyone, please remember we have a slight change in the schedule today. We do apologize for this, but there will be no 6:30p class. However, we encourage any and all of our 6:30p members, including Sweat, to come to our other class times if possible. The workout will be the same for both classes, making it easy to come to any other option if available.

Swink Sweat & Fundamentals

-Hamstring Mobility

Today we are doing a longer workout. So, having said that, please find a weight that will allow for correct, repeatable movement that doesn’t have to be broken up because of how heavy it is or how tough it is to keep good form.

20:00 AMRAP:

-400m Run/500m Row (I know it’ll be hot out, so you can choose)

-8 Unbroken DB Pushup + Row + Box Step Up/arm, RX(50/35)

-24 Double Unders


-100 Hollow Rocks


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