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Friday 1-9-15

It’s Friday everyone, time to have some fun with the bar!

Also, it is Cass’ birthday today so when you see her give her a great big ol’ smooch!!

We had a Swink Kids meeting last night and really need your help spreading the word about it to others. If you know anyone who’d be interested in the program, please give them our contact or vise versa so we can get a good head count for the program. Thank you all in advance.

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Mobility

Strength/Skill: -Power Cleans -5×3 Power Cleans, same across the 5 sets, challenging weight

2×3:00 AMRAP, 1:30 rest -30 Burpee buy in Then, -remaining time doing Barbell Overhead Lunges

Swink Performance -Shoulder Mobility

Strength/Skill: 8:00 EMOTM -3 Power Cleans, unbroken -1 Split Jerk *weight should be challenging so that it will test you to go unbroken

For Time: -8 Total Turkish Getups (4/arm, 35-40/15-20) -50 Double Unders -25 Right Arm DB Swings -50 Double Unders -25 Left Arm DB Swings


Happy Birthday to Cass…aka “College”…aka “Row Leader”

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