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Friday 1-5-18

Well guys, tomorrow (Saturday) we have a guest speaker at the gym at 10am and we would love you all to be there if possible.

Next Saturday is the lecture day for our weight loss program that starts January 15th. The lecture is important to come to because not only will you be learning things needed to do to stick to the plan but we will answer any questions you may have. The weight loss program will be $40 as we will be monitoring and checking in with you over the course of 6 weeks. Only sign up if you’re willing to commit to sticking to the program over 6 weeks.

Don’t forget to get your orders in for the hats, beanies and hoodies. We’re placing the order on Monday.

This Saturday, class at 8:00am as usual but the 9:45am class will be moved to 9am.

Swink Sweat

30:00 Partner AMRAP

-100 WallBalls

-100 Pullups

-100 Box Jumps

-100 Pushups

Swink Fundamentals

-Hamstring Mobility


EMOTM for 8:00

-build to heavy 2 Rep Power Clean

“For Taylor”

For Time:

-20/15 Calorie Bike

-20 Back Squats, RX+(225/165)

-40 Bar Facing Burpees

Dont miss out on the swag!!


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