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Friday 1-12-18

Alright guys, 1 more day until we have our weight loss lecture/seminar on Saturday at 10am. Remember, this is the first step in the weight loss program which starts on Monday. The program is 6 weeks long and we will be doing check ins so only follow through with this Saturday if you know you’re going to commit 100%.

Now, stay safe and warm tonight as we head into the morning.

Swink Sweat

15:00 AMRAP with a partner

-10 Ball Marches while partner does 10 Calorie Bike

-20 Ball toe taps while partner does 10 DB/KB Deadlifts

Swink Fundamentals

-Pec/Forearm Mobility, again


Also, if you have a weighted vest, bring it.

Finally, please, DO NOT give in to fear and self doubt because we are running and it’s cold. Fight through the negative head talk and be there. If it were easy, everyone would do it…

You’ll find out tomorrow…

Dreaming of warmer days.

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