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Foam Roller Class


Well, we are always trying to find ways to keep everyone educated and interested in what we do at Swink CrossFit and foam rolling is no exception. We have Dr. Joey Lowery from Airrosti, coming to the gym on Saturday November 17th to teach a class of 12 how to properly use foam rollers. It will begin at 9am and last about 45min to an hour. Remember, a class of 12 is the limit, so I need emails, the first 12 will be taken, to to reserve a spot. This is so we can keep a closer one on one relationship. If it is a hit and more than 12 want to attend, then we will schedule another class for another set of 12.

Again, I need emails, not verbal commitments. Send an email and include: (1) Your Name (2) Your Phone Number (3) The way you wish to be contacted the quickest, if not through an email. This way I can let you know if we have a full class or not.

Lastly, I can purchase the foam rollers that will be used during the class at a cheaper price than your local sporting goods store, much cheaper. I will be taking orders once I have filled the class and you are MORE THAN WELCOME to leave them at the gym, so others can take advantage of! Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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