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Competition season has begun!  What does this mean for you?!  Well…EVERYTHING!  New challenges, new goals, new PR’s, new you!  February is going to be a great month for everyone that is in our presence!  We will be challenging you in many ways with different workouts, new movements and lifestyle changes, all helping you do the common uncommonly well!  By the end of February, we will be adding a Saturday morning class, followed by a Team WOD for everyone to partake in.  This is in addition to yoga that we will continue to offer on Saturdays!  Also, as a member, you will have the privilege of being a tester for a something new we plan to add by March!  Being a part of our gym has NEVER BEEN BETTER!  If you’re ready for the challenge, the challenge to be the best version of yourself you can be, then CONTACT US TODAY!


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